More about the Animal Spirits

From ancient times native people have been aware that Animals guide and teach us. They know that each animal has a unique personality or "spirit" that can guide and teach us. Frequently animals are also know to have s special "power" that can be channeled to heal, strengthen or direct us.

Eventually, so-called modern man came to the realization that these Animal Spirits can be used to our benefit. After all, we have retained many attributes of animals, despite (or due to) evolution, like a dog's loyalty, the industriousness of a beaver, the slyness of a fox, etc.

Although our Animal Spirit Oracle is mainly based on the attributes of the North American and European animal guides, they can through exploration help anyone in the understanding of life's energies. We do this by calling on the Animal Spirits available to you for assistance.

Ten different Readings are available through our free Animal Spirit Oracle:

  1. Past, Present and Future
  2. The Daily Animal Spirit
  3. Medicine Wheel Reading
  4. Vision Quest Reading
  5. Attainment Reading
  6. Relationship Reading
  7. The Star Reading
  8. The Planetary Reading
  9. Grandfather Sun ...
  10. The Coming Year Reading

We also include more than fifty different animals in the free Animal Spirit Oracle: Magpie, Mockingbird, Opossum, Owl, Bear, Buffalo Horse, Lizard, Eagle, Hawk, Blue Jay, Deer, Antelope Coyote, Hummingbird, Squirrel, Frog, Snake, Woodpecker Otter, Sasquatch, Skunk, Spider, Armadillo, Beaver Butterfly, Fox, Loon, Moose, Ant, Badger , Bat Cougar, The Crane, The Crow, Dolphin, Dove Heron, Rabbit, Raccoon, Raven, Wolf, Wolverine Turtle, Panther, Cardinal, Turkey, Porcupine Green Woman, Green Man and Polar Bear.

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